The latest research into our genetic makeup has given us great insight into the true causes of chronic diseases. Armed with this information, we can begin to help our bodies work optimally like they are supposed to. We do that by giving it support where we may be lacking nutrients due to genetic variants. This simple concept has dramatic effects on overall health.

We achieve this by using specialized test vials and muscle testing to tell us which chemical pathways in your body are blocked in combination with your individual genetic make-up results from These nutrigenomic tests help us understand “why” we see certain symptoms by pinpointing the exact SNPs (altered genes) located on each individual pathway that undermine the body’s ability to perform certain health tasks.

The Methylation Cycle is a group of biochemical pathways that manages or contributes to a wide range of crucial bodily functions, including: detoxification, immune function, maintaining DNA, energy production, mood balancing and controlling inflammation.

All of these processes help the body respond to environmental stressors, detoxify, adapt and rebuild. Therefore, lowered methylation function may contribute to many major chronic conditions, including: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, adult neurological conditions, autism, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, miscarriages/fertility problems, allergies, immune system problems, digestive problems, mood/psychiatric disorders, and aging.

Methylation is involved in almost every bodily biochemical reaction, and occurs billions of times every second in our cells. That’s why figuring out where the cell can better perform its tasks contributes to health improvement and reduces symptoms.

Results from generally take 4-6 weeks to return. Once we have your “raw data” from these companies, we put that data through a “filter” and pull our information that can help us design a nutritional program specifically designed for you.

The initial evaluation is approximately one hour and follow-up evaluations are 30 minutes. The evaluations are focused on nutrition only. A separate appointment should be made for adjustments or any other type of work. It is recommended to do follow-up evaluations once per month for 2-3 months and then most likely every 2-3 months thereafter. This frequency may go up or down depending on your stress factors, dietary changes, toxin exposure, etc.

Methylation Session Pricing

First session (one hour): $246.00 (includes analysis of genetic information)

Follow-up sessions (half hour): $123.00

The average person will test for 12-15 supporting supplements in the first session. In general, these will decrease in either number or dosage in the following visits. Each person is different, however, and these are merely estimations.

Supplement Information

If you already take supplements, please bring all of them with you to every visit. We will try our best to utilize the supplements you already have. After the first visit, keep your “active” supplements separate from your “inactive” supplements when you come in for your visits.

After your first visit, only take the supplements that were determined in your session. Taking other supplements may change the effectiveness of the determined combination. If you need to test for another supplement in between the methylation visits, please bring all of your determined supplements together in a glass container. All supplements must be tested in combination with your determined supplements to know if they are helpful or not. (For full methylation follow-up visits, please bring in the determined supplements in their original bottles, separately.)

How to Get the Genetic Information

The first step is to go to and choose “Ancestry DNA” -this does not require a membership. Follow the directions and wait to receive the results. Let your doctor know via e-mail below when you get your results in. At that time, we may have a new program in place to run your data through.