Myofascial Release

Affectionately called the “scrape thingy” by our patients, we use a form of manual therapy known as instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM) that is similar to the Graston technique. It is one of several manual therapy approaches that uses instruments with a specialized form of massage/scrapping the skin gently.

The general goals of the therapy are to reduce the patient’s pain and increase function through a combination of:

  • Breaking down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions that are usually associated with some form of trauma to the soft tissue (e.g., a strained muscle or a pulled ligament, tendon, or fascia).
  • Reducing restrictions by stretching connective tissue in an attempt to rearrange the structure of the soft tissue being treated (e.g., muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments).
  • Promoting a better healing environment for the injured soft tissue and increasing local circulation

This technique is commonly used to address issues such as:

TMJ Dysfunction

Plantar Fasciitis

Muscle Injury

Frozen Shoulder

Restricted Motion


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome